Friday, February 27, 2009

Something about Shea

Hello all,

For now I will start with this, my name is Shea, I am currently enrolled in college at FAU in Boca Raton, Florida. I am studying to become a geologist but I have no idea in what area yet. I think that i want to minor in GIS. I have an awesome boyfriend named Mark, he also attends FAU and is graduating with a B.S. Degree in Ocean Engineering. I do not have any kids (thank God) but i make up for that with 5 neices and 3 nephews I love them all! I have two Stepbrothers Tim and Tommy, and one sister Jenna. and between them make up the 8 kiddos. Its amazing to have that many and only be 19 *caugh* ill be 20 in 5 days *caugh*!!! my mom is married to a delightful man JR tipton whom I love very much (he is an amazing man for those of you who havent met him) he is 20 years older than my mom (she cant give me heck for dating someone 4 years older than me :-) ) my dad is a mailman and works in the good ol' town of midland. Though i miss the People in Midland I can't say I miss the city. After i graduate i would love to live outside of the US for a couple years, where i can't really say there are too many places i would love to visit and i dont know where i would like to live. though it would be nice to be surrounded my some beautiful geology... (duh im a geologist in the making)... thats all i can think of to write right now but more will come later